Purple is a tall Irken character from the Nickelodeon Studios' TV series Invader Zim.


Purple in his normal appearence

About him

Purple is a humanoid alien with a big head, green skin, big and solid single-colored purple eyes, brown antennae that bend back at the ends at a sharp and simple perpendicular angle, a long, segmented, and almost worm-like tongue, white-colored human-like teeth with a barely-perceptible pinkish tinge, three-fingered hands, two-toed feet, a tall and elongated body with a human-like skeletal structure, and has a light gray hemispherical-shaped shell-like device with pink spots grafted to his spine. This device is known as a PAK, and it a handy auto-reset that will reactivate if he suffers a fatal injury. Unlike his friend and co-leader Red, Purple is simple-minded, prone to distraction, childlike, impulsive, and often makes numerous slips of the tongue at every great assigning ceremony. He is always bullied by the smarter and arguably dominant Red, who is more adept at making plans. Whenever their ship loses power, Purple always flails around in a panic while eating donuts frantically.

Role in Sabrina1985's headcanon Edit

In Sabrina1985's media, Tallest Purple is a fun loving, bubbly, happy, cheerful, innocent, very nice, polite, friendly, civilized, good-natured, pleasant, benevolent, good-mannered, kind-hearted, and affably hero who loves others, puts them ahead of himself, is always smiling, and up for a laugh. He raised Zim behind Tallest Red's back, wants to see if all types of life would be able to live on planet Earth because he sees planet earth as a beautiful planet, is highly intelligent and only pretends to be simple-minded, prone to distraction, childlike, and impulsive, prefers peace and doesn't take kindly to violence, and likes sweet foods. Secretly, Purple wishes that he could tell Red that being speciest toward those who are not irkens is wrong. He can't bring himself to do so because he knows his co-Tallest would become furious and try to attack him, as Red will ruthlessly kill anyone who happens to friends with an irken or if they are not a member of the irken species by any means necessary. He does not approve of or like the ideas that Red wants to use in the future of their leadership, because he thinks it is too much, feels bad, and gulps silently. Purple is 19 feet tall.



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