Catgirl Right Fighters


Catgirl is a superheroine and a member of the Rights Fighters.

About HerEdit

Catgirl is a young lady who has dirty blonde hair, wears a cat mask, cat ears and a cat like outfit. Not much is known about her.

Catgirl drawn by Beaniet85


Catgirl's powers include

  • Her claws of Justice
  • Climbing up walls
  • Super agility

Role in Rights Fighters movieEdit

In Catgirl's scene of the Rights Fighters movie, some young people were waiting for their bus, until they were attacked by a gang of bullies, so Catgirl came to the rescue of those young people and punished the bullies by digging her claws of Justice to them.

Role in Sabrina1985's mediaEdit

Catgirl is in a relationship with Spike, a young man with spiky blonde hair and blue eyes, who wears a blue t-shirt with a headshot of Catgirl and the words "Catgirl Fanboy" written on it, black pants, and black boots. Catgirl jumped out of the Rights Fighters DVD cover, appeared in Spike's classroom at school, and she decided to come to his rescue after his classmates were making fun of his love for her.

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