Dr. DJ is a superhero and a member of the Rights Fighters.
Dr DJ Rights Fighters

Doctor DJ

About himEdit

Dr DJ is a young man who wears a flamboyant indigo outfit, wears star shaped shades and has a rainbow coloured afro. Not much is known about him.
Dr. DJ

Dr DJ drawn by beaniet85


Dr DJ's powers include

  • Music
  • Teleportation

Role in Rights Fighters movieEdit

In Dr. DJ's scene in the Rights Fighters movie, a social worker comes to visit a young man named Morgan, who came to discuss the possibilities of him going to college, however, Morgan doesn't want to go to college, he wants a job instead. The trouble was that his mother doesn't listen to him and claims to know what's best for him. She was stopped when Dr DJ appeared and told her what she is doing is wrong.

Role in Sabrina1985's mediaEdit

Dr. DJ is in a relationship with Jamie, a young woman with shoulder-length blonde hair and green eyes, who wears a light blue sweatshirt, dark blue pants, and purple sneakers (the secret identity of the Rainbow Ranger). She accidently ran into him, and apologized to him because she wasn't watching where she was going, he told her she didn't need to apologize and everything would be alright. Dr. DJ eventually became Jamie's boyfriend, after it was discovered that they had a lot in common with one another.

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