Skull in his normal appearence

Eugene Skullovich (better known as "Skull") is a character from the Saban Entertainment TV series, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

About himEdit

Skull attended Angel Grove Elementary School with his best friend, Bulk, and also the kids who would later become Power Rangers. One day, Skull and his classmates were getting ready to eat lunch in the cafeteria, when Bulk appeared and demanded that the former "hand over your lunch or else!". Skull began to cry, while Bulk started mocking him, suddenly Skull couldn't take the bullying any longer, and retaliated by shoving a popsicle down Bulk's shirt. Ever since then, Bulk and Skull became best friends, who bullied others around while growing up. In high school, they finally stopped their greedy, ego-building, and bullying ways of life by joining the Angel Grove Junior Police Force, where they first met Lieutenant Jerome Stone. Bulk and Skull were very close to Lieutenant Stone, even though they failed to perform the correct orders he gave them, which made him angry. Bulk and Skull quit the force when Stone was fired by the police chief, so they joined Stone when he opened his own detective agency, and took an undercover mission in France. A few weeks after the mission, Bulk, Skull, and Lieutenant Stone eventually got a chance to rejoin the Police Force, but only Stone went back to work there because Bulk and Skull decided to help Professor Phenomenus locate and capture extraterrestrial life. Several months later, Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus were supposed to be going on a journey to a new world, in order to finally get away from all of the monster and alien attacks that had been going on recently. Skull did not wake up in time and was left behind, and so he spent more time helping Lieutenant Stone as an assistant at the detective agency, while Bulk and Professor Phenomenus were away on Mirinoi. Bulk and Skull now run their own business, a tropical-themed bar called "Bulkmiers".


Skull has a few friends, and they are:

Bulk, Lt. Stone, Prof. Phenomenus, Jason, Trini, Billy, Zack, Kimberly, Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Kat, Geki, Goushi, Dan, Boi, Mei, and Burai


Skull also has a few enemies as well, and they are:

Rita, Zedd, and Rito