Ganondorf is the Gerudo king of thieves and is a reccurring antagonist of the Legend of Zelda series.

About himEdit

Ganondorf is an extremely powerful Gerudo warlock who opposes Link and Zelda within the series; as such, he is a villain of pure evil, and is a cruel and ruthless warlord whose goal is to usurp the Kingdom of Hyrule. Ganon's only ambition in life is to obtain the Triforce and dominate the world using the abilities imbued by them. Despite his undeniable lust for power, Ganon is a mastermind; he is an adept tactician and a master of manipulation and deceit. It is not unusual for Ganon to manipulate the events of a story behind the scenes (as he did in A Link to the Past, Four Swords Adventures, and Twilight Princess), only to be revealed as the orchestrator in a plot twist. Ganon usually presents himself within the facade of a cynical, yet calm and civil man, although he is known to very quickly become enraged, ensuing in a murderous rampage. Ganon has no sense of morality or honor. In his conquest of the Sacred Realm, once he reached the Temple of the Triforce, he single-handedly killed all of his followers who had aided him in his expedition, so that he could claim the Triforce uncontested.


Ganondorf's friends and allies include

Bowser, Wario, Vaati, Ghirahim, Demise, Veren, Onox, Zant


Ganondorf's enemies and rivals include

Link, Princess Zelda, Midna, Navi, Din, Faeroe, Nayru, Great Deku Tree

Mario Kart Super StarsEdit

Ganondorf serves as an unlockable racer in Brainiac Adam's fangame, Mario Kart Super Stars as a heavyweight racer.