Mr. Scatterbrain is a Mr. Men character created for The Mr. Men Show. He is a male counterpart of Miss Scatterbrain from the Little Miss book series created by Roger Hargreaves.
Mr. Scatterbrain

Mr. Scatterbrain

About himEdit

Mr. Scatterbrain is a magenta pear-shaped Mr. Men who has a unibrow, a big pink nose, speaks with a New York accent and also a lisp, suffers from short term memory loss, keeps a lot of animal friends for pets ranging from penguins and iguanas to monkeys and kangaroos, has a wide collection of random items, and wears a blue hat with a stripe on it.


Mr. Scatterbrain's pets are:        

Horse: Montegue

Monkeys: Bunko, Fiona, Fritz, and Fifi

Iguana: Mustard

Turtle: Sunscreen

Pig: Oinker

Goat: Blueberry

Kangaroo: Penguin

Camel: Cicero

Chameleon: Milty

Gorilla: Thurston

Elephants: Penelope and Petula

Penguins: Mo, Flo, Bo, Marty, and Florence

Cow: Bartelby

Turkey: Beanburger

Venus Flytrap: Loretto

Role in Sabrina1985's headcanon Edit

In Sabrina1985's fanon, Mr. Scatterbrain is less forgetful and can now remember the love that he has for his family, friends, various pets, due to the fact that he has become more serious and mature since Taikino was first born. He is a good uncle to his nephew, and the two of them always spent a lot of time together until he married Miss Helpful. At first, Taikino had been very upset about this situation and didn't want his uncle to change the relationship they had shared with each other because the two of them had spent a great deal of time together. Mr. Scatterbrain spoiled Taikino rotten and he felt like was totally entitled to that because he is the child's uncle, even though Miss Scatterbrain always told her brother, "Mr. Scatterbrain, when you have kids of your own maybe then you will stop giving into Taikino so much."  And once, Mr. Scatterbrain and Miss Helpful's son Skyler was born, Taikino was crestfallen because he knew that his uncle's favoritism towards him and being spoiled rotten had to come to an end, since he had a lot of fun with it for five years. Taikino knows that Mr. Scatterbrain thinks the world of him, will still be there to talk with him, and they will always have a chance to go to movies and other fun stuff, but the child will never forget the wonderful relationship they had formed since his infancy, as a result of this, it makes Mr. Scatterbrain miss the days when he had been "Unca Scatty" to him. He is the mayor of Dillydale, this position was passed down to him by his father.

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