Mr. Small is a character from the Mr. Men book series created by Roger Hargreaves. He was slightly re-designed for The Mr. Men Show.
Mr. Small

Mr. Small as he apprears in The Mr. Men Show

About himEdit

In the books, Mr. Small is one and a half inch tall red circle-shaped Mr. Men who wears a blue bowler hat. He lives under a daisy in Mr. Robinson's garden, eats very enormous meals which consist of a crumb and a drop of lemonade, and talks to Walter the worm about getting a job. He meets Mr. Robinson who tries to get him a job: they try putting mustard in mustard jars and putting matches into matchboxes, which is not good. The best job for somebody so small is writing children's books, and Mr. Small meets a friend of Mr. Robinson who writes children's books, and writes a book all about himself.

In The Mr. Men Show, Mr. Small is a considerably larger two foot tall egg-shaped orange semi-circle, and he wears a tall black top hat that replaces his blue bowler hat, and a pair of white sneakers. His favorite food is liverwurst sandwiches. He also is able to speak in French and Spanish. His best friend is Mr. Nosey, and they live together in a observatory with a large telescope coming out from the roof. He is apparently also small enough to fit under Mr. Nosey's arm.