Mr. Stubborn is a Mr. Men character who is a male counterpart to Miss Stubborn from the Little Miss book series created by Roger Hargreaves. He was a character created for The Mr. Men Show.

Mr. Stubborn

Mr. Stubborn

About him

Mr. Stubborn is a purple oval-shaped Mr. Men with two black hairs, a unibrow, and a yellow triangle-shaped nose. He never listens to good advice and to prove it: he is always too stubborn to admit he was ever wrong and often assumes others are wrong, even when it is obvious that he is wrong. But if he finds out he's wrong, he still doesn't admit it. He misuses items and after they break, he thinks that they're cheap.

Role in Sabrina1985's headcanon Edit

In Sabrina1985's fanon, Mr. Stubborn has been a member of three different teams: The Threesome Of Terror, the Troll Rangers, and currently, the Mr. Rangers. Madame Mal-eleve had been Mr. Stubborn's girlfriend at one time, and at first they were getting along really well, but then they started fighting with one another, so they broke up and vowed never to speak to each other again. After his relationship with Madame Mal-eleve fell apart in between the time he left the Troll Rangers, but before joining the Mr. Rangers, Mr. Stubborn met Miss Independent but at first they disliked each other and were always arguing about things and eventually they had fallen in love and are happily married and have three children: Mr. Persistent, Miss Headstrong, and Jaiden.