Nutty drawn by SarahSkunky

Nutty (a.k.a. "Nutters" or "Nutzy") is a fan-made Nerdluck character created by SarahSkunky.

About himEdit

Nutty is a green male Nerdluck with a unique eye color: his right eye is orange, while his left eye is red-orange spiraled. He has three bandages: one on on his right antenna, one on his right arm, and one on his crooked tail. Nutty is a crazy and goofy kind of guy and is always smiling his creepy always cheery smile. He's a strange little fellow but very likable amongst his other Nerdluck friends. Nutty is also different from the others: he's very hyperactive, twitchy, has a very high pitched voice, talks very fast, and is always shaking uncontrollably in excitement. He has many hobbies, he loves to collect many various things like buttons and stamps. Nutty loves to run around a lot too, doing all types of athletic activities like running track mostly.


Nutty's family members are:

Nutter (father)

Fluff (mother)

Wacky (brother)


Nutty has many friends and they include, but are not limited to:

Beanie, Sarah, Jamie, Adam, Ethan, Sunny, Mango, Cherry, Razz, Meeki, Lime, Leena, Bluu, Lavender, Raisin, Lemon, Chocolate, Blades, Leaf, Spark, Vino, Vina, Ren, Remmy, Ivan, Dazy, Finoki, Sprinkles Sparkles, Puff, Poof, and Candy


Nutty's enemies are:

Mr. Swackhammer, Redondo, and Roxanne