Raisin in his Nerdluck form drawn by SarahSkunky

Raisin is a fan-made Nerdluck character created by SarahSkunky.

About himEdit

Raisin was born on February 12, 1989, on Moron Mountain to his parents, Bupkus and Bubbles. He is a stocky-looking Nerdluck with dark purple skin, hands, antennae, and feet, a broad light purple chest, and dark brown eyes who wears a blue and red striped tie around his neck. Raisin is a suave and smooth taking ladies' man who loves to flirt with beautiful women and his best friend is Razz, even though his buddy's pranks get on his nerves sometimes especially when he's in the presence of a pretty girl, but other then that they get along pretty well most of the time. Raisin is also very vain, since he's constantly looking in the mirror to admire himself and he also likes to work out constantly at the gym by pumping iron, but he doesn't over do it, because he doesn't want to be too buff. As a result of this, he is really popular with the Nerdluck ladies, who are always chasing him down the street.


Bupkus (father)

Bubbles (mother)

Blossom (sister)

Bupco (uncle)


Sabrina, Sarah, Adam, Ethan, Jamie, Mango, Razz, Lime, Bluu, Blades, Leaf, Spark, Vino, Vina, Sprinkles, Sparkles, Puff, Poof, Nutty, Candy, and Dwicky


Mr. Swackhammer, Redondo, and Roxanne


Little Miss Sexy (Brainiac Adam's Little Miss OC) - Both are very attractive to and flirt with any member of the opposite gender that they find attactive.

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