Razz in his Nerdluck form drawn by SarahSkunky

Razz (a.k.a. "Razzie" and "Little Prankster") is a fan-made Nerdluck character created by SarahSkunky.

About himEdit

Razz was born on April 13, 1992, on Moron Mountain to his parents, Nawt and Nawtenia. He is a short Nerdluck with dark red skin, hands, antennae, and feet, a light pink chest, a tuft of brown hair, and big dark brown eyes who wears a yellow ribbon around his neck and speaks in a high-pitched and squeaky voice. Razz is a feisty and crazy little guy, who is a troublemaker and prankster who LOVES playing jokes on people and causing a ruckus much to the dismay of his friends and the people around him. Razz's most famous pranks have been placing a rubber snake his parents' bedding before they were going to sleep, giving a can of well shook up soda to Cherish, placing whoopee cushions on Aiden's child-sized chair, silly stringing Ruby from head to tail, putting chocolate sauce in Sunshine's tea, handing out false money on a string and candy that turns the mouth black, and using a joy buzzer to make the victim feel a faint tingling in the arm from the strike. His absolute favorite time of the year is April Fools' Day, because he is allowed to play jokes on his family and friends all day. His trademark routine after pulling a joke on someone is: saying "I got you good!", then he immediately laughs uproariously between his chuckles, slaps his knee, and blows a raspberry at them. When he's not pulling jokes on people, Razz also loves doing stand up and wishes to be a famous comedian one day. This means he was a fun and mischief loving wild child who wasn't always well behaved when he was younger, because Nawt and Nawtenia always encouraged his sense of humor and bought him joke and gag gifts for his birthday.

Role in Sabrina1985's media Edit

In Sabrina1985's fanon, Razz is in a steady relationship with his girlfriend, Sunshine, Pound and Pumpkin's daughter. Razz thinks that Sunshine's bossiness is too much for him to handle, so he often tries to prank her to get her to "lighten up and have fun" as he puts it. Instead of making Sunshine happy, she often gets irritated at her boyfriend's childish behavior. Despite the fact that Razz and Sunshine's personalities are completely opposite, they do love each very much, and always make up after an argument.


Razz's family members are:

Nawt (father)

Nawtenia (mother)

Ruby (sister)

Dawt (uncle)


Razz's friends include:

Sabrina, Sarah, Adam, Ethan, Jamie, Mango, Lime, Bluu, Raisin, Blades, Leaf, Spark, Vino, Vina, Ren, Remmy, Ivan, Dazy, Finoki, Sprinkles, Sparkles, Puff, Poof, Nutty, Candy, and Dwicky


Razz's enemies include:

Mr. Swackhammer, Redondo, and Roxanne

The gallery of picturesEdit