Sarah (nerdluck)

Sarah in her Nerdluck form drawn by SarahSkunky

Sarah is the fan-made Nerdluck sona of SarahSkunky.

About herEdit

Sarah is a lavender female Nerdluck with black hair, brown eyes, wears a purple collar around her neck, and earrings in both antennae. She is a very talented and creative little Nerdluck who enjoys doing what she does best: drawing. Sarah is a very excellent artist with mad drawing skills, and she someday hopes to be a great artist when she's older. Other then drawing, she enjoys doing some outdoor summer activities like swimming, bikeing, tennis, basketball, or taking a walk in the park. She and Bubbles used to fight over Bupkus because they both really liked him, but the girls are now on good terms with each other. Sarah was not born on Moron Mountain, but on Earth because her family had moved there a long time ago because of the war that was happening on their home planet. Sarah, a few years back when she was 18, has long since moved back their home world, but her family members live back on Earth where they visit from time to time.


Sarah has many friends and they include, but are not limited to:

Beanie, Jamie, Adam, Ethan, Sunny, Mango, Cherry, Razz, Meeki, Lime, Leena, Bluu, Lavender, Raisin, Lemon, Chocolate, Blades, Leaf, Spark, Vino, Vina, Ren, Remmy, Ivan, Dazy, Finoki, Sprinkles Sparkles, Puff, Poof, Nutty, and Candy


Sarah's enemies are:

Mr. Swackhammer, Redondo, and Roxanne

The gallery of picturesEdit