Princess Daisy is the tomboyish ruler of Sarasaland.

"Hi I'm Daisy!"

About herEdit

Daisy is a beautiful princess with a round face, shoulder-length auburn hair, and blue eyes who wears a yellow and orange dress, bronze crown, flower earrings, and yellow shoes. She is the regal ruler of Sarasaland, a neighboring land to Princess Peach’s Mushroom Kingdom. It is not one kingdom but a collection of four separate kingdoms: Birabuto with its ancient Egyptian-like setup; the watery Muda, Easton which looks like the real-life Easter Island, and Chai, a kingdom seemingly based on China. She has a fondness for flowers, is best friends with Peach, and Luigi's love interest. When Luigi holds Daisy's trophy if she wins a tournament in various sporting events, she grabs it from him and says "Hi, sweetie!". Despite her beauty, Daisy can be defined best as a tomboy or go-getter who is cheerful, full of energy, bright, lively, unique, upbeat, and witty, has a type of feisty attitude, quite sassy, boisterous, and spunky, and is a breath of fresh air because she can fight back for herself since she doesn't get captured by Bowser.

Role in Brainiac Adam's media Edit

In Brainiac Adam's headcanon, Daisy eats cornflakes and becomes so hyperactive on a sugar rush. When she is hyper, she runs as fast as she can go while waving her arms about and repeating her "Hi! I'm Daisy!" catchphrase, squealing, and laughing.


Her best friends include

Luigi, Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Adam Hughes/Mr. Brainiac, Birdo.


Her enemies include

Bowser, Waluigi, Tatanga, Petey Piranna, Wagbo

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Trivia Edit

Daisy and Peach are very good friends, but some information in the Prima Guide for Mario Kart Wii suggests that they aren’t just royal besties, but that they’re actually related because it is stated that the two princess characters are in fact cousins, even though it’s not generally considered to be canon because the connection has never been revealed in any of the games.