Rainbow Road Map

The map of Rainbow Road that appears in Mario Kart: Super Stars.

Rainbow Road is normally a race course that normally appears as the final track of the Mario Kart series. Most are located in a starry night sky, above cities or outer space.

It is thought to be the Mushroom Kingdom equivelent to Heaven as the road is very beautiful and colourful and the music is upbeat and relaxing.

In Mario Kart Super Stars, the player can access all 8 Rainbow Roads and challenge them. The staff ghost datas have been confirmed too.

  • SNES Rainbow Road: Sonic the Hedgehog
  • N64 Rainbow Road: Link
  • GBA Rainbow Road: Lakitu
  • NGC Rainbow Road: Honey Queen
  • DS Rainbow Road: R.O.B
  • Wii Rainbow Road: Princess Zelda
  • 3DS Rainbow Road: Metal Mario
  • Super Stars Rainbow Road: Brainiac Adam


  • Rainbow Road was the place where Brainiac Adam became his superhero alter ego, as Yellow Fire, thanks to the manager of Vale People First.