Supergirl is a superheroine and is a member of the Rights Fighters.
Supergirl Rights Fighters


About HerEdit

Like her DC Comics counterpart, Supergirl wears the classic outfit, but this one has dark red hair, and wears glasses. Not much is known about her.

Supergirl drawn by Beaniet85


Supergirl's powers include

  • Flight
  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Heat Vision

Role in Rights Fighters MovieEdit

In her scene of the Rights Fighters movie, A group of Young People wish to enter a pool competition, but a receptionist refuses to let them in, so Supergirl appears to make the receptionist that she is in the wrong.

Role in Sabrina1985's mediaEdit

Supergirl is in a relationship with Rocky, a young man with red hair, and green eyes, who wears a white "I love superheroes" t-shirt, blue shorts, and red boots. He was watching the Rights Fighters movie on the couch of his own home, when he was magically pulled into her scene.

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