Tommy Oliver

Tommy in his normal appearence

Thomas Oliver (better known as "Tommy") is a character from the Saban Entertainment TV series, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

About himEdit

Tommy is a veteran Power Ranger and considered a legend among the Ranger community. He is often considered to be the greatest Power Ranger of all time, having been part of four Power Rangers teams through the years. Originally used for evil purposes by Rita Repulsa, Tommy quickly turned good and helped the Rangers in defeating the forces of darkness. In doing so, not only did Tommy prove himself to be a worthy ally, but he became exactly the kind of leader the Rangers needed and was therefore promoted, taking command from the original leader, Jason. Originally the Green Ranger, those powers ran dry, and he became the White Ranger, the White Ninja Ranger, the Red Zeo Ranger, and the first Red Turbo Ranger. After Tommy's tenure as a Ranger was completed, he went to college where he received a Doctorate in Paleontology in a mere six years. He later traveled to Reefside and, in an effort to stop some of his mutations, became the mentor of a new set of Power Rangers. He later took up the mantle of a Ranger once more and became the Black Dino Ranger. After Tommy's adversary, Mesogog, was defeated, he retired and is currently a normal high school teacher at Reefside. While he was a freshman in high school, Tommy and his family moved to Angel Grove. He entered a martial arts tournament and fought Jason to a tie by 4-4, despite Jason being labeled "Angel Grove's finest martial artist" by the announcer, but the fight had earned him Jason's respect. Tommy later scared Bulk and Skull away when they were harassing Kimberly, who had become enamored by Tommy at first sight and invited him to hang out with her and her friends. Tommy was Kimberly's boyfriend and the two shared many dates and tender moments. Unfortunately, Kimberly broke up with Tommy via a "Dear John," letter because she met someone else. The letter broke Tommy's heart and lead him into a relationship with Katherine, who was secretly in love with Tommy while she was under Rita's spell.


Tommy's friends include:

Jason, Trini, Billy, Zack, Kimberly, Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Kat, Geki, Goushi, Dan, Boi, Mei, Burai, Bulk, and Skull


Tommy's enemies are:

Rita, Zedd, and Rito