Wagbo 2


Wagbo is the hybrid lovechild of Mary Byrne and Wagner from X Factor. He is savage and dangerous. He will attack people by kissing or biting them or making a mess. He would often be seen grunting, growling and calling out "WAGBO!". He appears in the TV comedy "Harry Hill's TV Burp"

Harry Hill's TV BurpEdit

Wagbo is a character that appears in the TV Comedy series, Harry Hill's TV Burp. He is the supposed lovechild of Mary Byrne and Wagner. He is savage, wild and dangerous. He often goes on an uncontrollable and destructive rampage and usally kisses and bites people and calling out his own name.

The Haunted HotelEdit

Wagbo appears in Brainiac Adam's story known as "The Haunted Hotel" where he appears as the main antagonist in the story. Because the story's inspiration is The Shining, Wagbo has roles similar to that of Jack Torrance.


  • Weegee
  • The Empty Child
  • Harry Hill (Brief)
  • Mary Byrne (Mother)
  • Wagner (Father)


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